Destiny Assassination

Destiny assassination is when u let pple define what u can be or how far u can go. we’re not born to be defined, or to be a slave to someone else’s sadistic dreams . Pple will tie u to poverty, low self esteem etc. refuse to be called anything other than your name, you define you. No one is better than u, today u may have a dollar to your name and they have thousands, remember though tomorrow you will be a multi- millionaire and they will start calling you by your name.# takebackyourdestiny# noreen@2014

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we live, we laugh, we rise

we live, we laugh,we rise. In the face of adversity, in the rising of storms we just don’t care. we focus on the best parts that are yet to come, the ones that we yearn for and dream of. Dreams are gold for with hope they bring smiles on our faces, they brighten our skies and manifest in our demeanor, because no matter what life throws at us, you, me and with God we are invincible. We ride the storms and come out unscathed. for somewhere a great ming wrote in that If God be for us, who can be against us?

you see i act the jester in the kings court, but i aint no fool. what i do is take my self and hide in order to call upon the holy of holies when i cant stand the heat and say Lord i am off to bed i aint taking no crap today, yesterday or tomorrow, you have the basilica, you deal with  the storms and i say cheerio. i dont fight crap, i let God do his daddy duties and sort everything out.

so we live, we laugh, we rise. brothers and sisters dont deal with stuff, come on we have a cool daddy who wants us to be in his camp he will sort out your bullies while you enjoy your ice cream and cheer him from the sideline. afterall you dont go into the ring with the devil you have just finished sleeping with,they know your weak points and can take you out just like that. call in the big man who knows everything 

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the God of glory is here

the God of glory is here, his presence overwhelms me, my life has been changed beyond my wildest dreams, though overwhelmed I am humbled by the favors and giftings God has brought into my life this moment. sometimes God’s favour knocks you off your feet for his abundant provision takes man a thousand years yet with him he opens new doors, new dimension within seconds to bring everlasting joy. his ways are indeed not our ways and his thought not ours, he lifts us higher
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we are awesome!

Brothers and sisters we are a new generation, a generation of kingdom ambassadors, trend setters, gimpers for our God. We rise every day and look in the mirrors and acknowledge how awesome we are. Yes we look into our spouses and think what a mighty fine creature that God just made for me.

We are a generation not defined by age, colour, status or race. We are the generation that gives beauty to ashes; a generation that is causing and will make dry bones live again. We are “THE PEOPLE, THE IT”. When we walk the devil shudders and takes cover because these little shoes thunder with authority, when we speak, we speak with authority and power, Hitler didn’t know crap about public speaking, we are the greatest. We are dominion, a superior people, humble, ready to serve yet masters of the universe. We rise laden with gifts, dish them out and bless people and we come back a million times richer.

Today, we rise and we conquer. We are the blessed, appointed, anointed, appointed, chosen, applauded, elected, elevated and honoured. That’s how our God rolls

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lets build the Milestone family


 I have been hurt so many times, in such that I have lost count. Some memories hurt more than the others. Not because I have selective memory but somehow now I just brush aside things and dust myself again when I fall. It’s as I have grown I have seen the infinity wisdom of God and the love he has for us. I have grown stronger because whenever I feel I can’t make it I remember God says be still and know I am the Lord, and he commanded that we should be strong and of good courage.

I hope one day I will confront the people who abused me, not with anger but to just let them know I forgive them. I have let go of all the hurtful words they said. I forgive them for my dreams they crushed. I forgive them for taking my childhood away. I forgive them for denying me the chance to build my own home, to progress on the path I had chosen. I forgive them for the wrongful accusations; I forgive them for stealing from me. I forgive them for the pain they put me through.

I have reached milestones and I just want all of us who have reached a new milestone to reach out to others and create a space, group or new milestone families. I want this to be called the milestone family. We will encourage each other, help heal one another, help each other achieve our dreams.

If anyone is interested in being part of the milestone family, you are welcome to join. Invite as many people as you can and let’s build this together, for in hope we can change lives, in love we can change generations and pave a brighter future for anyone.

The milestone family is to be a place of shelter, because I know every day someone reaches a milestone, because for some, just waking up is a milestone, and signing up for this is one too.

Contact me and let’s build together on

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IN YOUR FACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!

When God wants to take you somewhere, he will get you there. There is always that small voice that begins to nag at the back of your mind. The problem though is that sometimes we are in so much of a comfort zone, we shrug them as emotional thinking or even mistaking them as the devil trying to disturb our peace. In the zeal of being the new generation that seems to be perfecting the art of spiritual war fare, we begin to bind the devil, pour oil over ourselves, and denounce witches and demons.

We forget that God is the author of destiny, he already knows his plans for us, knows our tomorrow, and he is in control. So when he says in his time, hey its time to pack your bags, he lets you know and lets you set out the conditions. If however in our humanity we wont budge, he does his thing, he moves you out. It is hard though to leave the familiar and explore again. Remember though in a few years time, you will look back and say God knew it all along that I will be laughing at this time. In your face devil!

God is almighty and he sees the workings of our hearts, men may seek to define us, impose restrictions on us, devalue us, box us in, think they are better than us, hang on though. One day they will be calling you boss, one day they will beg you to give them a chance. They will drop your name in their circles because your name is known throughout the land and they want to dine at your table., they want to rub shoulders with you.

Brothers and sisters we are a mighty people we may not possess all the gold but I say it’s a not yet moment. When they say you don’t have this and that, you are not that, just say its not yet, but hey its coming, I am already that you just have to see it. I go to bed every night, I know how my husband is going to be, I know what my house looks like, I know what my office looks like, I know how many zero’s are in my account, I know the west wing of my house is where my mum will live, I am in my its coming moment for a day in the kings court is like a thousand years.



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Escape Anxiety – Seeking Peace

food for thought

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faith is not an option

faith is not an option but a birthright

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let me be more than i am

In a distance we rise above the winds. We have strength hidden within us that if for but a moment we sat in the silence of our own hearts and let peace come to the front we rise above every storm. For in the blood lies a magnitude of wisdom, in the blood lies peace and understanding. It’s not just who we are on the outside that counts, for we are all but flesh. What defines us is not the physical or the material but the spirit that lies in us. We are made to withstand, we are made to conquer, we are made to sail we are made to be legends; we are made to change seasons.

For in a time of conflict we need to step back and create space to be just who we are. We can be stronger, we can be humble, we can be kind, and we can be more than we are.

We all have prayers we say, dreams we dream, thoughts we think, wishes we wish for, hopes we hope for. My personal prayers be that I remain humble in all things, let kindness be me, let me be understanding, may I be a giver who seeks no restitution, may I be a woman who will love beyond understanding. May I instil peace wherever I go, may I be a great server, may I be a shelter in the rain, may I bless those who need me to bless, may I be a hope for someone, a future for someone, for I rise

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new e-book available on amazon

my new e-book will be ready for purchase as of Monday titled REDFLAMEFIRE: Letters

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