Letters 2 the story of Grace Intro

The story of Grace

She always felt it deep within her heart that things had to change at some point. It was not an easy start to a childhood but for how long could she live this kind of life. She felt and heard the voices one time too many. Everything had become a restless period. She heard in her spirit the silent whispers of lonely times. She could hear the voices telling her, beckoning her and with such urgency and force it became an almost dreary task trying to push it away. They never seemed to go away though these voices and visions. They just kept telling her to push forward and never give up. They kept telling her things had to change and she ought never to let the sun go down on her. She had to prevail against the odds.

                                      Graces view (the opinion)

Mine is a story I would like to share. For years I have considered the hills these little feet have climbed. There are echoes in my soul that need to be said. I want to share this story, my story, the story that makes me want to scream out and let everyone know who I am. I am not just the crazy woman who talks too much and smiles too much. I aint even just the lady you see on the streets rebuking the devil and I aint no show stopper or bag lady either.  See I act a little bit crazy in my mind but I see things.

I know the doctors thought I had lost my mind sometime last year. No, it’s the doctor who lost his mind. Who did he think he was convincing me I was maybe stressed out and suffering a nervous breakdown? Did he not see that what I said was nothing but the truth and even today I stand by my word? I did not get here by choice, or maybe I did I don’t know but I consider mine to be the essence of my name. I got here by Grace and Grace is my name

You see there are a few things about me that are quite interesting, when people talk about me, they call me all sorts of things but I don’t think I care at all. the world always thinks something anyway. Opinions and opinions everywhere as if they possess the highest IQs.  I used to care but now I sure as hell don’t give a toss. You see in this world whether you are blessed there is always someone reacting negatively or positively to your situation. If you get blessed, there is always someone who is cursing or rejoicing that you have been blessed. The world as individuals act as if they don’t have stuff going on or hidden in the skeleton cupboards and act all high and mighty. So whether someone gets offended and curse me it really aint my fault because they are judgemental but life aint over till the fat lady sings, even though this can be challenged because the fat lady sang once and here I am still standing

Chapter 1


About redflamefire

Published Writer, Blogger and Sunday School Teacher. Aspiring to have a bestseller under my belt and set up a charity that will empower generations to realise their dreams and potential. I advocate for no violence and abuse in marriages.
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2 Responses to THE STORY OF GRACE

  1. marvaseaton says:

    Truth is you have to believe in yourself even if others don’t!

  2. JaneEmily says:

    So true. There’s always someone there to criticize when we’re at our best. It’s those friends and family who are there to cheer you on no matter what that you gotta hang on to. Everyone else is just jealous.

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