i took them stilettos off and legged it leaving a trail of dust

I took them stilettos off and legged it leaving a trail of dust


Having been single for a considerable number of years and no seeming prospects on the horizon I gave in sometime this week to friends who insisted I need to put myself out more. So they set me up on a date. I was rather non committal to the whole thing because I am old school when it comes to dating. I want the courting, the flowers, teddy bears and silly poems; you know the kind young boys did before we hit the dreaded 3+ range you know. So anyway me being me I thought ok I will look good as usual, though I don’t wear makeup, I think I am naturally black and beautiful with skin to die for.


Mistake number one I made, I went on a blind date without an exit strategy, and 2) wore them stilettos in the rain.

So anywho when I got to the pre-arranged place ( very public place of course) with no access to cars, in case the guy was a nutter and wanted to kidnap me( this on account of my being a huge CSI follower). The brother looked mighty fine and I knew he worked in a respectable trade. He obviously hadn’t planned on where to take me for the date, so I chose my favourite place, though I hardly go there because the meals are expensive and I really can’t afford to dine in there. So this is the place where you pay first before dining. Clue (the guy did not want to go order so as not to pay) but I thought hey I missed watching The Big Bang Theory to come out so you better order.

Anyway here is how the conversation went 10 minutes into the date. Guy compliments girl and goes straight into future plans of how he loves me, my skin and the fact that I am so focused and a strong lady. He would like to have two children with me, a boy and a girl. Also could he stay at my place for a while because he is in a relationship with an older woman who is abusive to him?

Reply from me, I took off my stilettos and legged it. I thought sweet chariot carry me home. Heels and handbag in one hand, hair flying with the wind I ran for my life.

When I got home I kind of reflected on the kind of men I have met and am beginning to think I must have missed a class in school about understanding men and dating, because nothing has ever made me flee but yesterday I found the Usain Bolt within me. This week I think I will share my dates ranging from the box of chocolate from poundland for birthday to some more amazing stuff. As for now this dating thing ummmm, don’t know how others do it, I am staying put in my shell


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Published Writer, Blogger and Sunday School Teacher. Aspiring to have a bestseller under my belt and set up a charity that will empower generations to realise their dreams and potential. I advocate for no violence and abuse in marriages.
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12 Responses to i took them stilettos off and legged it leaving a trail of dust

  1. Would love to have watched the other half of this story after you huffed it out of there! : ) Don’t give up entirely on the make species. There are some good ones out there. It may take time to find them but when you do he will be well worth the wait!

  2. Loved this blog! Took me back to a blind date I, too, went on. In fact, follow my blog (http://robingilbertluftig.wordpress.com/) to and read of some calamities of my own.

    • redflamefire says:

      your experience is a real eyeopener to mine. i think it will be a great idea to hear other ladies stories. i shall not despair though as you say , somewhere out there there is my knight wrapped in shining tin foil waiting to find me. i shall endure on the quest then to find Romeo, but girl the kind i have met on dates are mind blowing to say the least. hope you or I can start a forum and hear other peoples dates too

  3. RealGOoDCup says:

    Well that is typical and believe or not, I am not surprised. Yes I have heard of a similar date several times. Glad you cut that one short. God has someone for you. Continue to trust in Him and He will send your husband to you. I like th fact that you do not wear makeup because I believe it covers a women’s natural beauty. It makes them look like someone or something other than the beautiful woman that God made.

    • redflamefire says:

      glad to know I am not the only one who has been through crazy stuff. i think it will be a great idea to hear other ladies stories. i shall not despair though as you say , somewhere out there there is my knight wrapped in shining tin foil waiting to find me.

  4. James says:

    Men have a hard time understanding women, and women have a hard time understanding men. Unless you are an expert at psychoanalysis do not worry about it. I admit I was dating several women when I met my wife. She did not know it of course. Most were older than me but none were abusive. Actually my wife was the youngest woman I ever dated, she was 19 and I was 25 at the time. When I realized I was actually falling in love with my wife, something I had not done before and realized that she was the one for me, I dumped them all by letting them break up with me. I used what I knew would drive them off. I told them I did not celebrate Christmas. Every woman always dumped me when they found that out. My wife did not do that when she found out, she was like ok. That is part of what made me realize she was the one. Then I tried to break up with her, and she told me I was not going to break up with her. I realized she was a keeper and decided I was going to marry her. That is when I dumped all of the rest of the women.

    I was not sleeping around. I was a christian and was waiting for marriage. I was just having fun playing the field seeing if I could juggle multiple women. I know not the best idea in the world looking back on it. That was over 2 years ago and I am no longer that kind of person. My wife asked me to marry her first but I turned her down. Then I purposed to her a month later. We got married after 3 months of dating and have been married roughly 2 years and we have a son on the way. We are closer than most couples and grow more attached to each other everyday. People swore we was rushing into it but it was the best choice I made in the area of relationships. What worked for us does not work for everyone though!

    Different men have different personalities, what makes one man tick can repulse another man. Just like different women have different personalities, what makes one tick can repulse another. Focus more on reading body language and learning to profile people’s personalities. Then figure out what profile works best for you and go with it. That is part of what made me fall in love with my wife. She fit the profile for what I needed. Plus she was the prettiest woman I ever dated, that was more of a plus not a necessity for me. I told her about how I had been dating around and was profiling people to find my perfect match over a year after we had been married. I think it was last winter sometime. She was not happy about it but she quickly got over it. I do admit it is very hard for decent people to find a proper mate. It is hard for a man but it is much harder for a woman. It is the way men and women are different. Women even if they are indecent or immoral still have it in them to settle down. Men have that in them too but it is not a strong as their adventure/hunter and gather instinct. God made men that way so they wouldn’t mind working out in the fields to provide a living for their families. For millennia the biggest profession was farming. There were other professions but farming was the big one. The new world order has known this for a long time and have exploited it in their mind control agendas. Sorry for the length of this comment. I am very long winded and have not mastered shortening what I need to say. I hope this helps in someway.

  5. A fabulous first line!

  6. easyondeyes says:

    Lesson learnt! Do not go on a blind date without an exit plan… hehehe.. I’ve gone through couple of blind dates, and trust me, not very such happy endings! But I’m sure your Romeo will come your way soon!! 🙂

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