day 33 Letters: the essence of the woman i choose to be

Day 33 letters.

I am Kadija (the essence of the woman I choose to be)

The essence of the woman I choose to be begins with the state of my mind. I can choose to be a victim or victor. I choose to be a victorious woman, not only of measure but of substance. I will have to walk by faith and not by sight, learn to forgive. In a world with hardship I will build a fortress. My foundations shall be firmly anchored in the epicentre with the lord above as my chief intelligence officer and commander in chief.

I will stand upon my authority from the heavens, calling all the noughts to being, claiming my inheritance as a descendant of Abraham and as a child of the royal priesthood. I shall and do call every element of life to bow down and accommodate my purpose and destiny. I shall speak to all dimensions in the heavens, above the earth, on earth and below the earth, in the seas and beneath the seas, to the north, west, east and south winds that a daughter of Zion arises. None of you shall act against me but in my coming and going, in my sleeping and waking, day and night, in time and seasons, you will work to achieve my destiny. Every good thought and word that shall come and pass by my lips I command you to activate it.



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Published Writer, Blogger and Sunday School Teacher. Aspiring to have a bestseller under my belt and set up a charity that will empower generations to realise their dreams and potential. I advocate for no violence and abuse in marriages.
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2 Responses to day 33 Letters: the essence of the woman i choose to be

  1. lamontjackpearley says:


  2. another confirmation.
    your posts resonates with me. thank you.

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