day 12 letters: TROUBLE IN PARADISE

Trouble in paradise Letter from my ex-husband

To an amazing woman whom I ill-treated

I miss you Kadija. You gave birth to my lovely boys and I took you for granted. I thought life would be rosy on the other side but it is bitter. I live in moments of regret every day. I see you so many times but you don’t know I am watching you and I can see how much my children have grown. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could have you back with me. I realise I was the man that I was, successful because you stood by me. In my selfishness I lost your love for something that was not worth anything. I realise my darling how much I hurt you by raising my hands at you. I really just want to be with you because home is where you are. A house is just a house if there is no love in it. You made our house a home with your love and tender care and I never saw it. My life has not been the same since you left. I married Keisha and I thought I finally had the world at my feet. All my wealth is gone now as I lost my job. I was taking money from the company to fund Keisha’s expensive lifestyle and I got in so deep they eventually caught me out. As soon as the money ran out she left me for a younger man. I am now living on welfare and getting some food from the soup kitchen. I don’t know how long I can keep up with this life. I am sorry my dearest. I may not have long to live. A couple of months ago I started coughing really bad and had bout of pneumonia. I thought it was just the cold but it turns out I am carrying HIV. It is not yet fully blown Aids but with the rough life I am living on the streets I really don’t know how long I will last. Please find some kindness in your heart and give me shelter. All my friends don’t even know my name or even acknowledge me in the streets now. I cry myself to sleep every night. Please let me spend my last few years with my family. You are the only woman who truly loved me and not for my money. I love you please forgive me From Chris


About redflamefire

Published Writer, Blogger and Sunday School Teacher. Aspiring to have a bestseller under my belt and set up a charity that will empower generations to realise their dreams and potential. I advocate for no violence and abuse in marriages.
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