Reply to the waddling mistress/girlfriend


Dear Keisha

Thank you for actually doing me a favour and taking Chris off my hands. This is the best thing you have done for me because this is the blessing I needed but mark my words he comes with a health warning. Whitney Houston put it better ‘same script, different cast’ oh but then I am old school so you wouldn’t know the lyrics. Listen to it though for future reference.

You know you think the best woman won, and that’s you, but it really is me because I am as free as a bird. I am no longer Chris’s wife I am Kadija the survivor, the real hero. If you can survive a day in my shoes then I might show you a bit of respect. A real woman is a woman who goes through crap, walks on a coal fire, gets her head banged on the wall and still says no hell is going to keep her down. She is going to keep on moving and young lady I am that woman. No weapon formed, chucked or smashed against me has prospered and I have still come out holding on. Now this is a real woman. I am Kadija. Show me some respect, I grew up in Harlem but girl give me a year and I will be the headliner.

Yes the world owes me nothing but I owe my boys something. I owe them the right to know what it means to take the bull by the horns and look it straight in the eyes and make it shake in its boots.  I am a woman made of steel and this stuff ain’t made by Channel or Gucci and they don’t teach it in Harvard either and you can’t buy it with money.

Have Chris and be rest assured I will not be touching him with a barge pole any day. When I walk out I don’t look back. Living in the past I realise now is for losers and I am not a loser. I will stand on my two feet and get to where I need to be. I don’t need a man to make me a woman. I was born a woman and will die a woman, so do not underestimate me.

I do not flee from tornadoes in my life I face them head on. So my word to you Keisha is you are nothing that qualifies a woman, but just a young girl who has bought her first training bra and suddenly thinks she is a grown woman.  Get a grip on life and learn some lessons or go back to your ma for advice and maybe she will teach you how to be woman. Grow up


From Kadija the survivor






About redflamefire

Published Writer, Blogger and Sunday School Teacher. Aspiring to have a bestseller under my belt and set up a charity that will empower generations to realise their dreams and potential. I advocate for no violence and abuse in marriages.
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