day 7 letters the mistress writes

Day 7 Letters (from the other woman)

I am Keisha the lady that has taken your man. Thank you for finally setting the man who looks after me free. He bought me a nice house in the upper parts of town and I am living the life of my dreams. I am a woman who gets and keeps her man. So unlike you I run the game by my rules. I am young and beautiful and don’t have a ghetto past and baggage like you.  My man tells me that for the past years he stayed with you he felt trapped and he hasn’t loved you for ages.

I am not a home wrecker but a young enterprising woman who sees what she wants and goes for it. I wanted your husband so I went after him; it’s not a crime being ambitious. Hate me but haters don’t get anywhere in life, so instead learn from me the skills in how to be all that.

You see I get up in the morning and put my swagger on, and I don’t wear cheap, I wear Gucci, D&G, Channel, Vera Wang. To look this beautiful takes effort and I put the effort into myself. I don’t spend the day running after 3 unruly children. I just have time for myself and my man. Every man wants to be pampered, unlike you who don’t know how to make a cuisine, I specialise in French cuisine, Italian, Spanish and Caviar. I don’t cook ghetto style food, oatmeal and the rest that my ma never cooked. I am the perfect housewife.

I have read your letters you have recently been writing to Chris saying he hits you and abuses you. You really have an over active imagination dear, better see a shrink before you lose your mind completely. Chris is a gentle man and a loving partner. He will not raise a hand at any woman. His reputation in the business world is important and he don’t need crazy stuff being made about him. In fact he told me you make these stories up because you strive on sympathy and want to get hold of his money. Shame you had to grow up on the streets but don’t take it out on the world. The world owes you nothing if you are too lazy to think on your feet and put effort into doing better for yourself.

I will show you how to be a woman, but then you are old school, so you really can’t teach old dog new tricks. I know you will enjoy being back in familiar territory, the streets. You may have been living in a fine house but hey you still behaved ghetto. I heard you laugh and I must say that laugh and clapping of hands is really unrefined. But then again there is a saying that you can take a monkey out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey, get my drift?

I am pleased that the better woman has won the man. Don’t worry I won’t be having any children. I am too young and I don’t want to be restricted by them. I have told Chris to give you full custody of the children and please don’t get all righteous and start arranging visitation with them and Chris. Just don’t bring them to my house I do not want them there. Also since you were too dumb or busy laying on your back procreating and not signing a pre-nup you are out with nothing and I keep everything.

From the woman who took your man


P/s the house décor is really tatty so I have brought decorators in



About redflamefire

Published Writer, Blogger and Sunday School Teacher. Aspiring to have a bestseller under my belt and set up a charity that will empower generations to realise their dreams and potential. I advocate for no violence and abuse in marriages.
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One Response to day 7 letters the mistress writes

  1. torivictoria says:

    Unusual story. She sounds rather pathetic. She sounds like she has gathered all the weapons to fight, but has no rival. She has become her own enemy and anxiety is running her life. I am wondering, what is she afraid of? I think she worries even more than the woman who has lost the man.

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