day 4 letters

To the woman I am married to

Your letters are very commendable. I did not know you to have the strength and zeal in expressing yourself. I almost thought you did not know how to write, or if you knew how to, and if you did if you knew how to spell. I prefer though to be contacted via e-mail.

Technology has advanced so much now that executives like me don’t have to carry a pen or writing pad. My blackberry and ipad will deliver your message much quicker. There is an internet shop right up fife avenue and I think I it will cost you just a dollar to e-mail me. As you may not know how to e-mail I am sure they have staff over there to assist.

You see when I was a young man I was told a man had to be a man and a man rules his house. He is the king of the castle. As the head of the house you serve my needs and every whim. My gran dad had no time for sweet nothings when he talked to my gran. He said a woman needs to be controlled and kept on the straight and narrow. A man can and should never be moved by a woman’s tears because if he does he is weak.  When man gets weak he told me the family loses structure. So when you don’t cooperate I raise my hand to make you submissive.

Look at my dad he could not be tied down to one wife, so when mama started letting herself go like you did after having me, my dad moved on to Diana and the rest is history. He is a stallion, he never let vows or children hold him down. I am following my hero and if one can’t stand the heat you move out of the kitchen, better still when she don’t look good find younger stimuli.

My mama was submissive to her husband and she never complained when my dad disciplined her or when gran dad hit her for getting pregnant and never knowing how to keep her legs closed. Gran ma supported her husband’s way of discipline.

When you talk about me being abusive I am not.

Just this young girl has everything you don’t have and you are not getting any younger.

I hope your God answers your prayer but God don’t like ugly so you better not keep your hopes up about getting an answer.

From the man still leaving you

P/s I loved the oatmeal bread


About redflamefire

Published Writer, Blogger and Sunday School Teacher. Aspiring to have a bestseller under my belt and set up a charity that will empower generations to realise their dreams and potential. I advocate for no violence and abuse in marriages.
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