reply from my husband to letter 1

Reply from my husband

To the woman I am married to

I saw your letter that you wrote to me. That was very brave of you trying to confront me in such a way. Yes I agree with you on certain things in your note but I am not to blame for the way things are.

This house is indeed a very cold house and I hate being in here. I work hard and at the end of the working day I come back to a place with a not so beautiful wife. I think you really have gone crazy woman over the past years. You are no longer beautiful like you were. Each year I watched you grow old and you don’t care. I can’t count the number of wrinkles on your face because there is just too many of them, and don’t even let me get started on the grey hair that sits on your head now. Your bosom which once was firm is now just hanging down and I don’t even want to have a look at them

See there is a young woman at my office she is wow, a real diva. The moment she walked in looking for a job I was transfixed. She is everything you are not. There is not a sign on her face of wrinkles nor grey hair in sight and the chest, God help me, I only thought such a bosom was computer generated for Lara Croft on tomb raider. She is perfection at its best.  She is youthful and I have fallen in love with her.

Every time I don’t come home I am in her warm gentle arms, yours have gotten rough over the years. I know I am 20 years older than her but one is only as old as they feel. She makes me feel young again. I bought her a nice house in the upper parts of town because a young lady needs beautiful things. Also we don’t have 3 unruly children running around the house. We just have fun. She doesn’t have baggage from her past for me to deal with. Your children, since you are the one with sole responsibility for their care most of the time are noisy and rude. When I walk into the house they try to jump on me with their hands covered in chocolate, mud and god knows what else their little hands will have touched whilst I am wearing Armani. Armani is expensive and I don’t want them ruining my clothes. I am an executive and I take pride in my appearance. My girlfriend will not be happy if the silk ties she buys for me get ruined by tiny hands, so keep them away from me.

I am ashamed to be seen with you by my colleagues. Like last week we had a big office dinner but you are not refined to be able to fit into my lifestyle. There is too much ghetto in you for you to ever be anything else. You don’t know the difference between the kind of knives or forks on a dinner table.  Champagne is not drunk like a pint of lager. You sip and not gulp the drink. Bright red lipstick is a no and those signs you make while talking, shaking your head with your hand on your hip is so embarrassing.

So to cut a long story short I told everyone I was divorced and newly married to the girl at my office. So please I want a DIVORCE as soon as possible and since you never worked for anything in my house, I want you out and you will not touch a dime of what I worked my life for.

From the man leaving you.

p/s you can reply if there is anything else you need to say before you get out of my house with only the clothes on your back since I paid for everything else.


About redflamefire

Published Writer, Blogger and Sunday School Teacher. Aspiring to have a bestseller under my belt and set up a charity that will empower generations to realise their dreams and potential. I advocate for no violence and abuse in marriages.
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3 Responses to reply from my husband to letter 1

  1. Powerful writing. How much of it is true and autobiographical?

  2. I’m only beginning to learn of you, redflamefire. Is this letter true? If so, that man is a real loser! And I see you have come from a place of much pain. Jesus knows pain, too. He understands your every pain.

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